Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review of "Beautiful Problems" by Stanley Fritz

Stories give meaning to our lives. They are essential to the human experience and gives us the ability to use our imagination to paint a picture with words. Stanley Fritz in "Beautiful Problems" does just that. Every story in this imaginative compilation is a sensory experience, allowing the reader to create a blend of sounds, smells, and sights. "Beautiful Problems" is not about finding a personal connection to the stories that are exquisitely written, but about finding an emotional connection to the struggles. Human struggles differ, but humanity is a thread that connects us. That human thread is weaved through "Beautiful Problems" creating a wonderful tapestry of life. The stories are so poignant and raw that I sometimes found myself disagreeing with the perspective and still rooting for the underdog.

“Beautiful Problems” is full of struggles I might never experience, but while reading they became mine. In “Letter to my Daughter” a father speaks about losing his parental rights in a divorce. His narrative will never be my reality, yet his story allowed me to feel his unique challenge within the context of his own experience. For a few minutes I melted into that moment, and because while reading I do not have to offer commentary, I could truly immerse myself into someone else’s life.

“Letter to my Daughter” allowed me to connect with a struggle that is not mine, while “The Friend Zone” gave me an opportunity to disagree with perspective of the author, all the while wanting him to win. As a woman I have my reasons for wanting a man to be a friend and not a lover, and none has to do with men being too nice. Yet that does not matter, because Stanley Fritz is speaking from his heart and perspective. I will never truly be in his shoes, but through his words I was able to experience a snippet of his life.

"Beautiful Problems" is a  journey. Read it and you will find yourself in a journey of self-awareness, healing, and compassion.

A Grateful Thanks

I try to update my blog as much as possible, but life gets in the way. Last blog post I wrote about my friend Jill. She was raped in her NY apartment while she slept and is still living in the same place because she has no funds to move. I pleaded with all the wonderful people that read my blog and donations poured in! I was able to collect approximately $2,000 for her and I ran out of words to say how grateful I am for all those who donated and sent me wonderful messages for Jill.

I have been helping Jill find a new home, but NY is a tough place to find an affordable rent. We were hoping she would be in a new place by the new years, but we've had no luck. We are however working on it and hope to welcome the new year with a new attitude and a gratefulness for human compassion.

I am not always the best at updating my readers on time, but I will let you know and take pictures as soon as she finds a new home! Your donations will be put to good use, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with your money. I am just a person on the internet and you all trusted me to do the right time. I will continue to fight for all rape survivors, and while I cannot help all of them move on and live in peace I will strive to speak up for all men and women who need it.

Thank you for reading my posts. I wish you all a great new year full of determination and compassion.

With love,