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Welcome to my blog!

I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating with a Civil Engineering degree from Columbia University I started working as an engineer in New York City. 

I combine my experiences as a Latina and an engineer to advocate and inspire girls considering careers in the fields of STEM.

I started blogging and speaking as a way to express issues that matter to me as a woman, as a Latina, and as an engineer.

In time I found my passions and work every day to speak up about issues that affect women like myself. I speak and write on a variety of issues affecting the Latin@ community including safe abortion access, immigration, cultural and religious pressures, and living at the intersection of two cultures. 

Formerly I was a host of Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio where I spoke on a variety of political and social issues affecting millennials. I interviewed guests such as media critic Jennifer Pozner on sexism in the media, “The Invisible War” director Kirby Dick on the epidemic of rapes in the military
Rachel Lloyd of GEMS on Sex Trafficking, Jared Watkins of Men Can Stop Rape on the Steubenville rape case, Jessica Luther on abortion legislation in Texas, and Mary Anne Franks on revenge porn, among many others.

Once a month I host the podcast Womanisms on a feminist issue for Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio so stay tuned and send me any topic suggestions!

If you want to read more of my writings head over to Everyday FeminismSex and Fessenjoon, and Flyover Feminism.

To contact me with a question or an inquiry, including speaking engagements, panel discussions, and interviews please email me at p.valoy@gmail.com.

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